Help us to help you have a wonderful trip and keep Kaua’i as COVID-19 free as possible.

Do you have travitude? Travitude(n) – A grumpy mood from lack of travel.

Many patients do after nearly a year of quarantine; however, we are still a long way from Herd Immunity.

Take care of your wellness and healthcare with a hospitality and satellite health tourism doctor at LoZo Labs LLC.

Founder Dr. Dawn A. Sparks wants you to help keep Kaua’i as safe and as COVID-19 free as possible in order to fully enjoy your vacation time here on our island. This leads to wellnessification – where health and wellness are wealth as it leads to happiness, and in turn, this joy boosts the body’s immune system resulting in better overall health.

Traveling is tough and expensive enough. Utilize your insurance. Patients risk exposure without knowing COVID-19 status of everyone around them at all times.

Even with vaccinations rolling out, illness and viral shedding and spreading may still happen in the vaccinated individual. However, death and hospitalization are greatly reduced to near zero in these patients. Those not vaccinated are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. Patients who’ve survived COVID-19 and asymptomatic carriers may continue to intermittently shed the virus which prolongs the pandemic. The third wave in Europe is evident of this currently. Information and updates on COVID-19 is rapidly changing. We are here to help you with a Conceirge service with an on island Physician who trained in Anesthesiology and Pain Management at the World Class Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Sparks has been treating PTSD for years now and is acutely aware how this pandemic may have increased that for many patients since 2020.